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Laboratory 5: Cultural Practices, Socio-Economy And Education



Co-ordination: Michèle Sato


(5.1.) Formation, Intervention, Edu-communication on Climate Justice and Environmental Education

(5.2.) Culture and Millennium Ecosystem Assessment



São Pedro de Joselândia – Barão de Melgaço – Mato Grosso



The project related to culture and millennium ecosystem assessment (5.2) was finished with exit and under an effective international partnership. The remained project (5.1) has a new scope focusing attention to the “climate justice and environmental education” and it was carried out by dialogue with ClimBAP project co-ordinated by Pierre Girard, and another project called “Ecological Footprint” supported by WWF (World Wild Fund for Nature).  Our objective is to understand the climate JUSTICE phenomenon in the Pantanal wetland, which transcends the climate change debate, focusing on the unsustainable model of development and consequent generation of inequalities. The drastic effects of this climate change will be different in proportion, scale and magnitude, affecting more economically underprivileged people. We seek to interpret the socio-environmental conflicts and the natural disasters related to climate change, identifying the social groups that are most affected by these consequences, studying their tactics struggles, their resistance mechanisms and how they hope for a happier future.


To promote this new research, is was crucial to understand the process of climate JUSTICE in different formation processes, carried out since July 2013. From our research, our goals to the intervention and formation are:

(a)            To understand the perception of Joselandia habitants about water and its relation to the nature and cultural dimension of lives, since the lack of potable water is one of the harmful effect of climate change;

(b)           To connect our results of researches into teacher formation and school curricula;

(c)            To debate the climate change and its effects with the community, focusing attention to climate JUSTICE;

(d)           To stimulate the school to invite the community to build 4 School and Community Environmental Project (PAEC) aiming to mitigate the climate change;

(e)            To promote the scientific education to the basic school students as beginning of scientific research. Besides, to indorse the education at master, PhD and post-doctoral levels.


Líder do Laboratório
Dr. Michèle Sato - UFMT, UFScar (Tel.: +55 65 3627 6553) (Email: michelesato@gmail.com) (visualizar currículo)

Instituições Parceiras
RPPN SESC Pantanal
Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso
Universidade Federal de São Carlos
World Wild Fund for Nature

Rua Dois, 497 - Boa Esperança - 78068-360
Cuiabá - Mato Grosso - Brasil
Tel.: (65) 3664 1121 - inau@cppantanal.org.br